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Hello everyone I'd like to write about yourself

Where to start well I was born in the Czech Republic or rather still in Czechoslovakia in 1981

And as soon as I stood on my feet became darlings invertebrates, unfortunately I was at a later age, they have paid too much and learned a joiner and then doing no storekeeper much, but you know. Well my dream is to get me one of sustenance camera.

How I actually got to shoot with? Well when I was seven years ago, happily married and gave birth to our daughter Nikolka we started going after me, I used to have trips only phone with a camera who was taking pictures here and I quite enjoy it started so I bought a Panasonic FZ50 with me, but I failed and I began dreaming about a SLR two years ago, I bought a Canon 450D no harsh beginnings were anything I could not know that a screen depth of field and so on meant nothing to me so I started to browse the Internet and all I had to buy their first studied macro Lens Sigma 150mm F2, 8 which is great for her, I bought my Canon 580EX II and the extension tube 12-20-36 transfer data with the Assemblies, I photographed this year than my friend lent weekend Canon MP-E 65mm F2, 8 1 -- 5x incredible glass, I immediately fell in love with him and started to investigate

And it came out in September, I bought it even with the macro flash Canon MT-24EX and the new Canon 50D SLR with the Assemblies mam still play it seven months and still adjusting something I've created a home-made diffusers both MT-24EX and the 580EXII whom I fastened directly to the MT-24EX is still around and everything I have written that I am very glad that I can look at photos of these folk even farther you can you comment and advice for those with spinal cord Hi David

Technique used

Canon EOS 50D

Canon MP-E 65mm F2, 8 1-5x

Canon 50 mm F1, 8 II

Sigma 150mmF2, 8

Canon 580 EX II

Canon MT-24EX

Extension tubes 12-20-36

Self timer





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    R Gene

    R Gene

    Happy Birthday!!!    Enjoy your day and have   FUN!!
    Posted 1058 Days Ago


    Really fascinating your images macro, good job
    Posted 1413 Days Ago


    Happy Birthday! ;-)
    Posted 1422 Days Ago


    Lovely portfolio
    Posted 1504 Days Ago


    Excellent macro work. You are quite an artist my friend.
    Posted 1708 Days Ago
    Brandon Mard

    Brandon Mardon

    David :-) your photography's artful, full of vitality, a great story teller and top notch! Beautiful brotherman :-)
    Posted 1742 Days Ago


    Happy Birthday! ;-)
    Posted 1788 Days Ago
    Rashi Rana

    Rashi Rana

    Happy Bday David!! all your work is splendid!!
    Posted 1788 Days Ago
    R Gene

    R Gene

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Posted 1788 Days Ago
    David jobi

    David jobi

    Hi Vipin Singh, Nature_Lover and Ken very much and I apologize to respond until now
    Posted 2080 Days Ago